Newborn Class Playlist - “Will I Ever Sleep Again”

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You will learn how to calm a fussy newborn, read sleepy cues, and set your days and nights up for success with NO CRYING involved. Many babies will begin sleeping 8-12 hours by 8-12 weeks with no crying.

This class is NOT sleep training! This class is about laying a foundation for healthy sleep habits. It IS breastfeeding friendly. Cara demonstrates the Seven Tips for Newborn Sleep.

"Will I Ever Sleep Again" is intended for expectant parents and those with babies under 12 weeks of age (although the information applies for the first 5 months of life). The best time to watch the class is in the last month of pregnancy, again in the first few weeks after the baby is born, and then again as needed. However, anytime at or prior to 12 weeks is acceptable.

This class is pre-recorded and can be watched 24/7 at your convenience. “Will I Ever Sleep Again” is about an hour in length. It is divided up into eight 5-15 minute segments for ease of viewing. You will have access to this class for 4 months and it can be watched as often as needed. Included is a 20-page booklet to help guide you through these first four months of your baby’s life.

These videos apply to full-term infants (37-40 weeks). If your baby is pre-term, please use the adjusted age. For the first four weeks after your little one arrives, these are your only responsibilities: Bond with your baby, adjust to your new role, and for breastfeeding moms.. establish your milk supply. THAT’s ALL!

Now, you can implement anything during this time, but it’s all just practice until your baby turns four weeks old. If your baby is older, start today!

Is this class guaranteed? Unfortunately, human behavior is never guaranteed. The goal is simply to lay a strong sleep foundation, help new parents love the newborn stage, and give tools to make these first four-five months more enjoyable.

No refunds.